The Problem

Systemic change is required yet it is not happening justly, safely or quickly. We have just over ten years to make transformational change in how we live and do business.

We believe that helping people to make changes in their lives (by small and big degrees) is part of creating the enabling conditions for systemic change.  Citizens need to be engaged and empowered to be part of, and supportive of, systemic change. We feel this isn’t tinkering around the edges but rather an essential component to create the greater sea change required.

In business

Sustainability policies are not lived, they just sit on a shelf.

Staff are not engaged, informed or empowered to act more sustainably at work.

Regulation is changing and industry is in a period of transformational change towards a zero carbon future. Businesses are not equipped adequately for this process.


In Ireland

Only 36% of waste plastic packaging was recycled in 2016. Government spent €4.25 million on fodder crisis in 2018 due to extreme weather  events 1 out of every 3 bags of household shopping ends up in the bin

Across the World

7 million people die prematurely every year from air pollution 26.4 million people are displaced by weather and climate related events every year. The cost of food waste is over €800 billion per year while in 1 in 7 go hungry.

The problem is not our children’s to solve, it’s ours. We are the decision makers - the ones who pay all the bills, cook all the food, decide how our money is spent. The change is ours to make
— Tara Shine
We live in a throw away culture where the cost of convenience comes with a huge price tag for the planet
— Madeleine Murray