The Problem

In business

Sustainability policies are not lived, they just sit on a shelf.

Staff are not engaged, informed or empowered to act more sustainably at work.

Regulation is changing and industry is in a period of transformational change towards a zero carbon future. Businesses are not equipped adequately for this process.


In Ireland

Only 36% of waste plastic packaging was recycled in 2016. Government spent €4.25 million on fodder crisis in 2018 due to extreme weather  events 1 out of every 3 bags of household shopping ends up in the bin

Across the World

7 million people die prematurely every year from air pollution 26.4 million people are displaced by weather and climate related events every year. The cost of food waste is over €800 billion per year while in 1 in 7 go hungry.

The problem is not our children’s to solve, it’s ours. We are the decision makers - the ones who pay all the bills, cook all the food, decide how our money is spent. The change is ours to make
— Tara Shine
We live in a throw away culture where the cost of convenience comes with a huge price tag for the planet
— Madeleine Murray