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Tara and Madeleine of Change by Degrees led an engaging workshop that supported and enhanced our thinking about our role in decarbonising the Irish economy. Their approach to storytelling has helped us to message complex and technical information in a simple and compelling way.

Ian O’Flynn, Head of Commercial & Corporate Affairs,
Gas Networks Ireland


Change by Degrees designed and facilitated a messaging workshop for our Carbon Capture and Storage team.  They provided useful international and national context for our work  and challenged us to think differently and more creatively.   It has really helped us to crystalize our purpose and our messages.

Catherine Sheridan, Communications Manager,


We worked with Madeleine and Tara to introduce more choice into our store and explore ways to be more sustainable. It's a service all businesses should avail of no matter how big or small. They offered practical, manageable advice and were a pleasure to work with.

Michael Smith, Owner
SuperValu Kinsale


We worked with Change by Degrees to examine what our business could do better to be more sustainable. We found some practical ways to improve and Madeleine had great ideas surrounding sharing that to our customer base so they hear about our Sustainability Story. We are not there yet but we are getting there”.

Jane Brady
MD Brady Insurance


I was delighted to engage Change by Degrees to do a packaging awareness workshop for our marketing tems as well as making videos make videos for our social media campaign on Packaging and choice in SuperValu. Their reputation as the founders of Plastic Free Kinsale ensured they had credibility and authenticity. Tara and Madeleine brought great insight into what consumers are looking from our brand in terms of packaging. Our teams and customers engaged really well with these practical workshop and down to earth videos.

Julie Dorel, Corporate Communications Manager
Musgrave Retail Partners

We were delighted with the advice Change by Degrees gave us when they attended our Wellness Center in Apple Cork. They shared practical, easy to understand information and proposed simple and achievable recommendations to reduce waste and single use plastics that we were able to implement immediately. We also asked Change by Degrees to write a sustainability policy for us, to help us to communicate our commitment to reducing our impact on the world around us. Great service and practical advice!

Dr. Billy Waters
National Implant Centre


It is a really positive process developing and implementing our Plastic Free Strategy with Madeline and Tara’s input.  Their knowledge and eagerness to increase everyone’s awareness to avoid single use plastic is inspiring and working with Change by Degrees is an engaging and educative process which really encourages us to share our commitment to sustainability with our team and clients here. 

Sinead Hurley, Manager
Oysterhaven Activity Centre


"We decided to engage the services of Change by Degrees after hearing about them through a seminar our sister attended. The consultation with Madeleine proved to be extremely worthwhile and informative whilst carried out in a relaxed & non-judgemental way. We have since put into practice some of the reports findings based on our particular business which we will build on over time. Some very easy changes to make in there which means we can all make a differerence no matter how small"

Dave McLaughlin


What People Are Saying

joanna Midleton.JPG

I’ve always recycled but now it’s up to the next level. I’ve also picked up so many tips and product recommendations. Here’s to leaving a better world for our children.

Joanna, Middleton

Sarah Kelly.jpeg

I started following Plastic Free Kinsale and Change by Degrees recently. I didn’t realize I was doing some of my recycling incorrectly. Have picked up so many ideas and pointers so far.

Sarah, Dublin

Tara Connell.jpeg

You have changed the way I practically deal with the issue of recycling/minimizing my impact on the world!

Tara, London

Sarah Lyons.jpeg

When I learned about single use plastics I got rid of my Nespresso machine and started using the plunger for coffee again.  I haven’t looked back.

Sarah, Kinsale

Eimear hutchinson.JPG

I've learned a lot from Plastic Free Kinsale in terms of how to cut down on waste in my home, the two areas I've most learned about is sorting out household waste and also how to reduce waste in the bathroom.


Hilary Kilcawley, Sligo.jpg

I’ve learned so much from Change by degrees I always bring a cotton bag for my loose fruit and veg. That way I minimize the amount of plastic that I use. Thank you girls x

Hilary, Sligo

Caitriona Hill, Slazburg.jpg

You guys have really opened my eyes so much to the plastic choking our lives daily . You make me want to try harder to be more responsible about my use and reuse of plastic. Both at work and home everyday.

Caitriona, Salzburg

Lucy Glendinning, Cork.jpg

Well done, you’re doing a great job keeping us inspired with information and ideas on how to cut out or at least reduce the amount of plastics we all use.

Lucy, Cork

Avril White, Dublin.JPG

I knew we could make changes in how we lived but I had no idea where to start. The girls are brilliant and making it easy, understandable and satisfying! There’s nowhere else like this online for me to find what I need.

Avril, Dublin

Lousie Keegan, Dublin.jpg

I thought I was environmentally conscious but I realised I was doing loads of things wrong! And this is an area I want to get right - I appreciate all the advice and help to do the best I can. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction.

Louise, Dublin

Emma, Kilkenny.jpeg

I love following Plastic free Kinsale on Facebook, plenty of useful tips and reminders for our family as to how to reduce our plastic use/ misuse. Am trying to turn our home into a “much reduced plastic user”. Keep up the good work ladies.

Emma, Kilkenny

Claire, Kilkenny.jpeg

Thanks PFK. No more liquid soap dispensers, just soap of my skin.ie, local and plastic free.

Claire, Kilkenny

Michelle, California and Limerick.jpeg

Another thing is I love in your videos that you remind us when we shop, we have choices, that we can choose minimal or zero packaging. It has definitely got me paying attention when I shop.

Michelle, California and Limerick

Sean Ferguson.jpg

A far better understanding of what goes in my bins, thank you.


Karen mason cork.JPG

The girls have me much more informed about personal choice on how to buy household goods with little or no plastic. That God for them!

Karen Mason, Kinsale

Caroline Murray, Dublin.JPG

I have learnt so many simple, important things from following these channels. This is exactly what people need to get informed and I firmly believe in the message they are spreading. Behavioral change is key.

Caroline, Dublin

Trish Carlos.JPG

As a family of four we spent the summer really looking at the amount of waste we produce.  Ye’ve made us really think about the wrappings we put on picnics and treats for hikes! All the same fun

Trish, Cork

Sharon Gash, Cork.JPG

I think the biggest impact the girls have made in our household has been with the kids! They are just so willing to embrace the changes we’ve made.

Sharon, Kinsale

Emma and Adam.JPG

Previously I never really considered the cradle to grave aspect of what I consume, now I do. Your page is constantly teaching me in the little details that I simply wouldn't have known. You are a constant reminder to me to focus on the positive. It is good to know that in a world so obsessed with endless consumption, that there is a powerful community of people committed to driving change.

Emma & Adam, Cork

Treasa dublin.JPG

This is a great page. Learning lots of useful info about what I can and can’t recycle and made me think twice about really reducing my waste. I try to avoid single use products as much as I can now. Thanks ladies

Treasa, Dublin

Saoirse and Lynda, Cork.JPG

We haven’t bought a plastic bottle of water in over a year! We covered our books in paper and our keep cups have paid for themselves now as we bring them everywhere with us. The whole family is reducing plastic consumption!

Saoirse & Lynda, Cork

Owen Hennessy .JPG

Madeleine and Tara have inspired us to use compostable bin bags, washable dishcloths, keep cups for coffee, bamboo toothbrushes, and we don’t buy cling film anymore! And no more plastic razor blades, old fashioned safety razor instead.


Bláthnaid Barry.jpeg

The information we’ve been given has completely improved the way we, as a family, recycle  - by providing really simple tips & easy steps to take before putting something into the recycle bin - Clean, Dry, Loose is our mantra!

Blathnaid, Kinsale

I’ve been very impressed by the manner in which you have caught the Zeitgeist and made it an essential of people’s daily lives. I particularly admire your community spirit in organising beach clean-ups where everyone gets involved. The sky's the limit!



I always go to you ladies for up to date information on local recycling, the latest eco friendly products and  any earth friendly events happening around Ireland.

Kate Hobbins-Lockett