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A community story can instil local pride and help grow a network of sustainability.


Through Plastic Free Kinsale, Tara and Madeline have given us the knowledge and practical steps we needed to do things differently and take action. Kinsale has had a collective mind shift change to do things in a more sustainable way. Schools, businesses and clubs are reducing their use of single use plastics and we have had a series of great community education, arts and family events to raise awareness and make everyone part of the solution. Tara and Madeleine have helped us break our improvements down into realistic short term deliverables, which has been incredibly effective and it has channeled our intentions into positive actions through ongoing engagement and education. In a short space of time the results have been incredible and the benefits to us as a more sustainable business and to Kinsale as a town will be seen for many years to come. 

Ciaran Fitzgerald, Blue Haven Group and Chair of the Chamber of Tourism and Business


Communities at work

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Sign up for plastic free 4 schools

We want to help your school to avoid single use plastics, reduce waste and maximise recycling. Your school can act as an ambassador in your community to turn the tide on plastic pollution by showing what can be done and by having fun doing it. So no matter the size or location of your school – find out here how you can get involved. 

…all the children have reusable lunch boxes and drink bottles. We have banned plastic straws in the school. This has a dual affect – reducing waste and encouraging children to drink more water, rather than sugary juices and smoothies. It was a great morning and the children were inspired to do their bit to keep our environment litter, and particularly plastic, free. We do a weekly lunchbox check for unnecessary packaging and the senior classes designed Keep Our Oceans Free From Plastic posters.

St Multose School, Kinsale

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Clubs, societies and other local organisations are the life blood of any community. 

They are where people volunteer in their free time, learn new skills and contribute to their community. Clubs are where people meet and interact and they are the perfect place to start conversations and initiate actions for sustainable communities. 

Whether your local club is the GAA or Rugby, historical society, flower club or photography club there are steps you can take to reduce waste, make a positive contribution to the environment or raise awareness.  Change by Degrees can provide advice to clubs and sporting organisations that want to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable community. 

Kinsale Tennis Club partnered with Transition Town Kinsale and Plastic Free Kinsale to hold its first Green Open in 2018. The club used the Open event which attracted players from all over Munster to raise awareness of the changes we can all make to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable while still enjoying an excellent tennis Open.

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Events & festivals 

Change by Degrees can provide advice, practical ideas and support to make your next event plastic free and more sustainable.

We work with events big and small to reduce your carbon and environmental footprint and maximise your positive contribution to the environment and to the local community.  Events in Ireland tend to create lots of unnecessary waste, which detracts from customer’s experience and creates a negative legacy.  Change by Degrees can provide the solutions you need, from alternatives to single use plastic beer glasses and food packaging, to sustainability policies and staff training. 

Kidathalon 2018, Kinsale

We helped Kinsale Triathalon Club to organise their first Plastic Free kidathalon. All of the participating children used refillable water bottles, hydration stations were set up around the course and the goodie bag for participants was single use plastic free. 

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“When I learned about single use plastics I got rid of my Nespresso machine and started using the plunger for coffee again. I haven’t looked back.”

— Sarah, Kinsale

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“I’ve always recycled but now it’s up to the next level. I’ve also picked up so many tips and product recommendations. Here’s to leaving a better world for our children.”

— Joanna, Midleton