We educate & inspire people

to be more sustainable


Our clients include


Tara and Madeleine of Change by Degrees led an engaging workshop that supported and enhanced our thinking about our role in decarbonising the Irish economy. Their approach to storytelling has helped us to message complex and technical information in a simple and compelling way.

Ian O’Flynn
Head of Commercial & Corporate Affairs, Gas Networks Ireland


We work with people to create change…

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at home

We work with people as individuals to inform & inspire.

To create change in their homes and communities.

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at work

We work with people in business, employers & Employees, 

educating, motivating & engaging the whole team in delivering sustainable outcomes.

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in communities

We do all this to create change, one degree at a time

We’re celebrating every positive change that contributes to a healthy planet, thriving economy and a happy society.


create your sustainability story



We work with individuals to give them the information they need to be informed and empowered to act differently.


Helping people to make changes in their lives (by small and big degrees) is part of creating the enabling conditions for systemic change.



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